Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Nina Dobrev and Michael Trevino is leaving The Vampire Diaries

It is official that our beloved Elena Gilbert who is played by Nina Dobrev is leaving the series after six long seasons and in which season seven has been confirmed to be the very last season of the series. Unlike those rumours saying that their will be a season eight and nine which turned out to be not true this one is true. Nina had said in an interview "I am sick of getting abused by Nikki Reed on the set of The Vampire Diaries and I know that I used to Date Ian and we are over. I just wish for her to leave me alone." With that said we have just been given news that not only Nina is leaving the series, our very own Ex-Hybrid Tyler Lockwood who is played by Michael Travino and in which he said in an interview "it is time for me to move on and spread my wings a bit further" and in which he has the right to.

Things for the series is only going to be getting a lot worse for the series as this will no longer be on the CW network for more one more season and that the producers are saying that "no show can last forever, it has to come to an end and that the celebs in the franchise has the right to walk away at anytime" so what does this mean for the Originals. That is the question that we must find an answer to. But the Originals is nothing but a spin off of the series and that there will be another spin off like "The other side" and that the people that have died in the series could be playing in it like Jenna or Lexi. So who knows.

We all know that Nina and Michael are going to leave the series and let's hope that they will be happy and healthy in the futures and let's see what the future will bring for them.

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