Friday, 5 April 2013

Elena has lost her humanity (******SPOILER********)

So in passed episodes we all have seen Elena go from happy and churrpy Elena to stone cold emotionless vampire within a few episodes. She doesn't want to cure, but Stefan and Damon wants her to take it so that she can be human again, why can't they let Elena be the person she is.

Elena is a much a stronger person then she was a few seasons ago, but it may seem that her friends think different. I think Elena should be the person she is today, but let Katherine pay the price of what she has done to Elena, by having Elena torture Katherine until she dies. Klaus will love that to happen.
But Klaus wants to cure for his own usage, to kill Silas and bring peace to all on earth for a change instead of actually making havoc and that is something to see. But that leaves Elena a vampire for the rest of her life which is forever.
Elena and Stefan might end up being a couple by the time Season four has finished.

To be continued...

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