Sunday, 17 February 2013

Esther is not the Original Witch (What the hell?)

Vampires might have started with Esther (Alice Evans) in The Vampire Diaries cannon, but that doesn’t mean all magic did. For example, Ayanna (Maria Howell) was the one to teach the Originals’ mother how to do the spell that transformed Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Rebekah (Claire Holt), and the rest of their siblings into bloodsuckers.

Julie Plec made some interesting comments about Esther and the origins of magic at San Diego Comic-Con, and she teased more info to TV Guide.
In San Diego, Julie said, “We call her [Esther] the Original Witch, but where did she come from and who was before her and where did that spell come from to create the original vampires? That's actually a big question and something we'll be asking this year."

To TV Guide, Julie expounded, saying, “when Esther used that spell to make her children immortal, which created the Original vampires, that spell existed already. So who wrote it? That's the question that will remain a question in this season and possibly in the series. We dabbled with the Original vampires, but who were truly the Original witches?”

Does this mean there could be a separate line of vampires out there, and other witches with crazy spells — like one that can reverse vampirism?

Source: TV Guide
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