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O Come, All Ye Faithful (Transcript)


(Elena wakes up in Damon’s bed. She turns on her side and looks at Damon who is sleeping next to her. She gazes at him for a moment before he speaks up.)
Damon: This would be so much more fun if we were naked.
Elena: That was your call, not mine.
(Damon opens his eyes.)
Damon: I was being a gentleman. (He rolls over onto his back.) You shouldn’t have stayed.
Elena: I know.
(Damon gets out of the bed and walks over to his dresser.)
Damon: I should have made you leave. Sent you packing. I promised Stefan.
(Elena sits up in the bed.)
Elena: I know.
(Damon takes his shirt off and takes a fresh shirt out of his drawer and puts it on.)
Damon: You’re sired to me, Elena. Which means everything that you think you feel; might not even be real.
Elena: I know, Damon, but it feels real.
(Elena gets off the bed and walks over to Damon.)
Elena: And I’m not ready to let go of that.
Damon: Well, I can make you. Invoke the sire bond.
Elena: So do it.
Damon: I told him I would set you free. Right after I didn’t tell him that we slept together.
Elena: So, what do you want to do?
(Damon moves closer to Elena so that their faces are merely inches apart.)
Damon: I wanna throw you back in my bed and never let you leave.
Elena: So do it.
(Damon is about to kiss Elena, but her cell phone goes off.)
Damon: Saved by the cell phone.
(Elena rolls her eyes and takes out her phone.)
Elena: I have to meet Bonnie. She’s teaching Jeremy how not to kill me.
(She walks back towards the bed and picks up her bag. She looks up at Damon.)
Elena: Wanna come?


(Klaus is in his parlor painting on a canvas. Stefan walks into the room and looks at the painting.)
Stefan: Looks like a giant snowflake.
Klaus: I prefer to think of it as an expression of post modernism. It’s my donation to the Winter Wonderland charity event.
(Adrian enters the room.)
Adrian: (to Klaus) You said it was urgent.
Klaus: Yes, take this to the Mystic Grill immediately.
Adrian: You want me to be a delivery guy?
(Klaus walks forward and closes the space between him and Adrian.)
Klaus: What I want is for you to do whatever I say. Without the attitude.
(Adrian grimaces and walks over to the painting. He picks it up and starts to leave the room.)
Klaus: And be careful with that. It’s still wet.
Stefan: Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, you know.
Klaus: What is the point of my hybrids being sired to me if I can’t maximize on the benefits of free labour? What are you doing here?
(Stefan walks down the stairs and into the room.)
Stefan: Elena is sired to Damon.
Klaus: I intuited as much.
Stefan: Which means I need to find the cure now more than ever and yet here you are making postmodern snowflakes.
Klaus: I’ve delivered.
(Klaus walks away and grabs a cloth to wipe the paint off his hands.)
Klaus: I retrieved the Hunter’s sword from Italy which we’ll use to decipher the map hidden in the Hunter’s mark. You’re the one who is supposed to deliver the Hunter and his mark.
Stefan: Well, Jeremy is the hunter, and he has to keep killing vampires to complete his mark, but we can’t quite figure out how to keep him from killing us.
Klaus: Sounds like quite the chore. Which is why I feel perfectly justified doing a little charity work.
Stefan: Hmm, or maybe you’re lying about having found the sword.
Klaus: Why would I lie to you, Stefan?
(Klaus strides past Stefan and towards a vault in the other room.)
Klaus: We’re in this together.
(Stefan follows Klaus into the other room. Klaus turns the dial on the vault and opens it up. He takes the sword out.)
Klaus: The hilt acts as a cipher which we’ll use to decode the marks on Jeremy’s tattoo when he’s killed enough vampires to complete it.)
(Klaus places the sword down on a table. He takes a seat on the sofa and props his feet up on the same table. Stefan picks the sword up and examines it.)
Klaus: I heard you moved out of your house.
(Stefan looks at him.)
Klaus: Bit of a martyr move, hm?
Stefan: I’m not here to bond, Klaus.
(Stefan places the sword back on the table.)
Klaus: Oh, on the contrary, I think right now I’m the best friend you’ve got.


(Adrian walks into the cellar where Tyler and Kim await him.)
Adrian: I’m sick of taking his crap. I should rip his throat out. See if he can boss us around without a larynx.
Tyler: You won’t have to take it much longer.
Kim: You keep saying that, but here we are hiding, plotting a revolution that’s never gonna happen.
(Hayley enters the cellar.)
Hayley: Never say never and never say I don’t pull through. I found the witch that’s gonna save your lives.
(Hayley smiles at Kim and Adrian.)
Adrian: Are you serious?
(Hayley continues to smile. Tyler looks from Hayley back to Adrian.)
Tyler: We promised you guys we’d free you from Klaus. You did your part by breaking your sire bond, now Hayley and I are gonna do ours.


(In the town square, the Winter Wonderland charity event is in full swing, complete with fake snow. Caroline and Tyler and standing in the middle of the square.)
Caroline: You’re going to do what?!
Tyler: Hayley found a witch strong enough to do the body jump spell. You know, the Klaus specialty.
Caroline: So, you’re going to put him in someone else’s body and then what?
Tyler: We’ll encase the body in concrete then bury it.
Caroline: Why not just desiccate him like Bonnie did?
Tyler: Because to do that spell, you have to stop a human heart. I was a little short of volunteers.
Caroline: Well, who was dumb enough to volunteer their body to be a Klaus sublet?
(Tyler sighs but doesn’t respond. Caroline’s face falls as she realizes that Tyler is the volunteer.)
Tyler: Okay, don’t freak out.
Caroline: Freak out! Freak out?! I’m about to hemorrhage! You volunteered?!
Tyler: It’s not forever. Just long enough for the hybrids to be able to completely disappear.
Caroline: Well, I can think of better ways for us to spend our senior year then you buried in concrete, Tyler.
(Caroline has grown increasingly angry, but Tyler’s face remains calm. He gently grabs Caroline by the shoulders and looks directly at her.)
Tyler: This started with me. This has to end with me.
(Caroline can’t seem to bear looking Tyler in the eyes. She continues to look down at the ground.)
Tyler: I need your support.
(Caroline finally looks up at him with sad eyes.)


(Jeremy is outside of the house, chopping wood. He pulls the axe out of the log he just chopped and places it into a tree trunk where a small wooden stake lies. He picks up the stake and stares at it. He then throws it down, picking the axe back up and chopping another piece of wood with vigor. Suddenly, he sees Damon and Elena pull up the driveway in Damon’s car. Bonnie hurries over to him.)
Bonnie: Jeremy.
(Jeremy walks in front of the car and looks at them. Bonnie stands right behind him.)
Jeremy: They shouldn’t be here.
Bonnie: They’re here to help you.
(Jeremy continues to stare at Elena and Damon.)
Bonnie: Do you trust me?
(Bonnie has wrapped her hands around the handle of the axe which Jeremy is still holding with a firm grip. Damon glances over at Elena who has a stony look upon her face.)
Jeremy: Yeah. Yeah, I trust you.
(Jeremy releases his grip on the axe and Bonnie takes it from him. She throws the axe aside and takes his arm in her hands.)
Bonnie: Let’s go inside.
(Bonnie leads Jeremy back towards the house as Jeremy continues to look at Elena and Damon. Bonnie places her hand on Jeremy’s back and continues to guide him towards the house. As they approach, Shane opens the front door and walks out towards Bonnie and Jeremy.)
Damon: What the hell is Professor Shadypants doing here?
Elena: I invited him.
(Damon looks over at her, clearly not pleased with her decision making.)
(Inside the Gilbert house, Shane and Bonnie move around some furniture for the later hypnosis they will perform on Jeremy.)
Shane: Okay, listen, we are ready to get started, but before we can do that, we need her.
(Jeremy looks out the front door and sees Elena and Damon approaching.)
Shane: In here.
Elena: This is your house now, Jer.
(Jeremy walks closer to the front door.)
Elena: You have to invite me in.
(Jeremy stares at Elena but doesn’t invite her in.)
Shane: Go ahead, Jeremy. Invite her in.
(Jeremy continues to stare at Elena and hesitates for a moment longer.)
Jeremy: You can come in.
(Elena enters the house. She stops in front of Jeremy and looks up at him. She gently touches his arm and walks past him, setting her bags on a counter. Jeremy looks down at his arm where she touched him and suddenly grabs the small wooden stake from his waistband and attempts to stake Elena. Elena reacts quickly and grabs him by the wrist.)
Bonnie: Jeremy!
(Elena twists Jeremy’s arm around and places it behind his back. She also manages to take the stake from him and puts him in a chokehold. Jeremy struggles to release himself from her grip. Bonnie, Damon, and Shane all look on in surprise, although Elena clearly has him under control.)


(Stefan is sitting on a couch in the library, reading through some old papers. His phone goes off and he answers it.)
Stefan: Hey, sorry, I know I’m late.
(Caroline is on the other end, walking across the town square through the Winter Wonderland.)
Caroline: If I’m gonna be a friend in your time of need, then you to need to work on your punctuality. I’m in a crisis. Where are you?
Stefan: I’m at my house. Why? What’s wrong?
Caroline: My boyfriend is a dumbass martyr. Wait, and why are you at your house? Aren’t you trying to keep your distance from Elena?
Stefan: Well, she’s not here anymore. Damon took Jeremy to the Gilbert lake house with Bonnie so I guess her house is safe for her again. Hey, listen, I got Klaus to tell me a little bit more about this Hunter’s sword. You know that map in Jeremy’s tattoo? The sword decodes it. It’s literally the key to finding the cure.
Caroline: Klaus told you this?
Stefan: Yeah, why?
Caroline: And did he happen to hand over the sword for safekeeping?
Stefan: Uh, what do you think?
(Caroline sighs.)
Stefan: What’s wrong?
Caroline: We need to get our hands on that sword. Like today. Tyler and his hybrids are taking out Klaus tonight.


(Outside in the Town Square, children are running around in the fake snow and starting snowball fights. Inside the Grill, Caroline is admiring the postmodern snowflake Klaus painted. She seems to notice she is being watched and turns to see Klaus looking at her. He smiles at her and she turns to face him.)
Caroline: Here to steal Tiny Tim’s crutches?
Klaus: Dickens was a dark man. You would have liked him.
(Klaus walks around the table towards her, but Caroline makes her way to the other side of the table so that they are still apart.)
Caroline: Nice snowflake, by the way.
Klaus: Is my work really that literal?
Caroline: I’m serious. There’s something… lonely about it.
Klaus: I’m gonna take that as a compliment. Can I offer you some champagne?
(Caroline turns around and starts to walk away. Klaus pursues her.)
Caroline: Can’t. Too many adult prying eyes.
(Caroline turns around to face Klaus who has closed the gap between them.)
Caroline: Don’t want to be a high school cautionary tale at the next town meeting.
Klaus: Well, then it’s a good thing the high school part is nearly over.
(They stare at each other for a brief moment.)
Caroline: If we’re going to be nice to each other, then I will need that glass of champagne.
(Klaus smiles and walks closer towards her.)
Klaus: Is that our thing?
(Caroline scoffs and rolls her eyes.)
Caroline: We don’t have a “thing.”
Klaus: Allow me.
(Klaus smiles at her again and walks away to get them some champagne. Caroline watches him walk away. When she is positive that he can’t see her any longer, she takes out her phone and texts Stefan “He’s here. Go.”)
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