Thursday, 20 December 2012

Vampire Diaries O Come, All Ye Faithful Episode Plot

The episode begins with Damon and Elena lying in bed together, but they have not slept together. Damon reminds her that her feelings might not be real due to the sire bond and that he should have invoked the bond by asking her to leave. Elena challenges him to let her go, but he can't. Just as they're about to kiss, Elena gets a text from Bonnie, who is at the Gilbert lake house trying to teach Jeremy not to kill Elena. Elena invites Damon along with her. Meanwhile, Stefan arrives at Klaus' house, where Klaus is painting his contribution to the Winter Wonderland charity event.
He shows Stefan the sword as proof that he has found it. In the cellar, two of the unsired hybrids are complaining about having to take orders from Klaus. Hayley reveals that she has found a witch who can save their lives. At the Winter Wonderland fair, Tyler tells an unhappy Caroline that he is going to use the body jump spell to put Klaus' body into his own and then encase it in concrete, until the hybrids have all safely disappeared, where Klaus can't find them. Elena and Damon arrive at the lake house, where Bonnie and Jeremy are waiting. Elena also invited Professor Shane to help them. They convince Jeremy to invite Elena inside, but then Jeremy tries to stake her. Caroline wants the sword soon, because the hybrids are taking down Klaus later that night.
Stefan breaks into Klaus' house to look for the sword, but finds a collection of letters instead. He calls Damon, who tells him that he invoked the sire bond by letting Elena go. He doesn't tell Stefan that they are together. Back at the lake house, Bonnie, Professor Shane, and Elena have hypnotised Jeremy, and Elena tells him family memories of the lake house. However, the plan does not work and Jeremy still wants to kill Elena. Stefan wants Tyler to postpone the plan so he can get the sword, but the hybrids refuse because the cure is of no interest to them. Damon realises that if Jeremy connects his emotional feelings to someone other than a vampire, he can think of those feelings when he sees someone like Elena, therefore keeping her safe.
Damon suggests that he attaches his emotions to Bonnie. Professor Shane reveals that he has already visited the cure, and can lead Damon and Elena to it - the cure is buried with Silas who was mentioned in his lecture during a previous episode. Tyler tells his mom about his plan, and she reluctantly agrees to support him. As Shane is revealed to know where to find the cure, the sword is not needed and therefore Tyler's plan can go ahead. Caroline tells Tyler that instead of using his body, they can put Klaus' essence into Rebekah's body and bury that. Hayley is not happy about this. As a result when Caroline receives confirmation from Bonnie, she snaps Caroline's neck. Meanwhile, Jeremy can be with Elena again, and the two reunite.
It turns out that the letters Stefan found are from Klaus' victims, and Klaus reminds Stefan that the reason they keep souvenirs is because they are always going to end up alone. April visits the bathroom and finds Caroline lying on the floor with no pulse, but much to her surprise Caroline wakes up and warns Tyler about Hayley. She then compels April to forget everything that she heard and saw. Later, Matt reveals that April was wearing vervain and cannot be compelled. Hayley tells Tyler about her lies and tells him that 12 hybrids were needed for a sacrifice.
Klaus kills all 12 of the hybrids. Damon finally sets Elena free. Stefan discovers that Damon and Elena are together, and is distraught. Damon tells Elena to leave and she says that leaving feels right. We find out that April was hidden in the cellar where one of the hybrids was killed, and she opens the coffin containing Rebekah's body. Klaus drowns Carol in the fountain, because he knows that Tyler's mom was the only person he had left.

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